A book with healing powers: We own the Sky, by Luke Allnutt

„We own the sky” is a book that takes you in the middle of storms of emotions, from where you then have to travel to the clear, almost inevitably with your loved ones in mind. It’s about the hard-to-explain power of family-born love and the awful fear of losing what you love. About the road between hope and despair and back to hope: a path that is never easy, but neither impossible to follow.
The novel’s message is about the faces of pain that can do horrible things to people, but also about the unsuspected force that love and reconciliation give us. And it is a book that, once again, proves me there is a calling in the universe of booklovers that puts the right readings in front of your eyes, just at the right time: speaking with honesty, sense and sensibility about the fight against cancer, the fear of loss and the serenity of true lasting love, „We own the sky” is ultimately the story of losing and finding yourself and your family bonds.
In his reader’s note, the author Luke Allnutt says he started writing the novel in his hospital bed, after being disgnosed with colon cancer, fearing that, with a 30-per-cent chance of dying he had to create something that would outlast him. He transferred the pain and anxiety he was feeling into this novel that becomes, this way, a confession wrapped in fiction.
A breathtaking read that describes perfectly the joy and pain that comes with loving fully and all the compassion and forgiveness it requires. Brimming with hope to the very end.”
— Steven Rowley, bestselling author of LILY AND THE OCTOPUS
The books tells the story of Rob Coates, a man feeling like he’s won the lottery of life. There is Anna, his incredible wife, their London town house and, most precious of all, Jack, their son, who makes every day an extraordinary adventure. But when a devastating illness befalls his family, Rob’s world begins to collapse.
Suddenly finding himself alone, Rob seeks solace in photographing the skyscrapers and clifftops he and his son Jack used to visit. And just when it seems that all hope is lost, Rob embarks on the most unforgettable of journeys to find his way back to life, and forgiveness.
We Own the Sky is a tender, heartrending, but ultimately life-affirming novel that will resonate deeply with anyone who has suffered loss or experienced great love. With stunning eloquence and acumen, Luke Allnutt has penned a soaring debut and a true testament to the power of love, showing how even the most thoroughly broken heart can learn to beat again.

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