Crisis Management 1.0.1: Key Steps for finding communication silver linings in tough times

In today’s world, being ready to face the unexpected can be crucial for a business, as it can be for our lives. Crises create uncertainty and stress, and planning ahead, policies and back-ups can save your work in tough times.

Inspired from our own experience in the Covid19 Pandemic, best practice in communication & marketing, here’s this month’s #PurplePaper by Kite Agency , tuching Crisis Management guidelines and scenarios.


The Paper includes 5 chapters about:

  • The fundamental Rules in Digital Crisis Management
  • The 4 Important Rules of Digital Rules of Digital Crisis Management Managing a PR Crisis in today’s world
  • ORM: Online Reputation Management Essentials
  • Myths and reality in Crisis Management

Whether it’s a global pandemic, a storm of criticism over a CEO’s sloppy tweets or anything in between, all crises create uncertainty and stress that can lead to communications missteps that will extend the crises and deepen its impacts.

The best way to avoid such missteps is to have a clear understanding of how the crisis communications landscape has evolved and have a clear plan in place that will help you navigate crises with certainty and confidence.

As communicators, we must find the right balance between the urge to keep your head down in a crisis and wait for it to blow over, and the urge to respond quickly in the hopes of killing the story quickly.

The former risks losing control of the narrative while the latter risks amplifying and extending the crisis and doing more harm than good.

We must also help other leaders in our companies understand a few basic truths about crisis communications: that most crises require an operational response at least in conjunction with, and preferably before, a communications response; that crisis planning and practice are valuable but not a silver bullet and that it’s rarely if ever possible to emerge from a crisis completely unscathed.

Keeping these principles in mind and coupling them with a strong – but simple – crisis communications plan will help companies, nonprofits, individuals and other entities navigate complex and risky situations.

There is no such thing as a perfect response to critical incidents, but equipping yourself with the right knowledge and the best tools will help you chart the best course and come out the other side in as strong a position as possible.

No let’s plan ahead, so we can get our brands out of all future crisis situations in the best ways possible.

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