Tips for a successful email marketing strategy for your brand: the 5 Level Blueprint

As most of the digital channels of marketing, email has seen significant changes in performance in the recent context.

There are important changes in volumes for multiple categories:

Source: Digital Marketing Institute Webinar: Email Marketing Strategy with Karen Talavera, synchronicity Marketing Founder

In order to adapt and make sure you cover and understand well the shifts in behavior of your subscribers, make sure you build across all 5 levels of this Blueprint. The 5 Level Pyramid of Successful Email Marketing covers the full range of interaction with your audience, making it easy for your to provide a good emailing experience with strong potential for great ROI.

Here are my 4 essential tips for developing a successful email marketing strategy:

✔️create a clever mix that travels across all points of engagement, content sharing and sales, build for each Level of the Email Success Blueprint. People want to receive relevance, variety, consistency but also surprise and contextuality.

✔️think about all the relevant ways in which you can digitalise your sales options and move them online. Use the powers of automation amd dynamic content generation based on subscribers behavior.

✔️ promotions should be clear and custom. Personalised and well segmented messages increase positive response.

✔️Develop condition patterns of response for each essential segment of your audience: how do you reward and up your best buyers? what do you do to re-engage the inactives? how and who to you educate and entertain? what are your loyalty and community hooks? how do you motivate feedback?

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