Finding the good light takes time

Seeing the good in the world, beyond the harsh, the rotten, the toughness, is not an easy task and it does not always come naturally. It needs kindness, positivity, modesty and at least a little hope.

Choosing to remain polite, empathic and dignified no matter what unfairness or disrespect you face doesn’t come for granted. It takes grit, great self awareness and confidence.

Finding the way to keep your calm and clarity in the middle of stormy debates or events does not come naturally. It takes time and effort. And this kind of reaction doesn’t always arrive in the first moments of thunder and rain. It needs training and, at first, it’s perfectly alright to find yourself carried away with the bad weather, before creating your own safe haven.

More than that, none of the above are musts. You may choose to live by them but you may also have moments of anger, dispair, doubt and fear. It’s OK. Just don’t hold on to them that much, as they have the power to darken your personality. Learn to understand your life and love your true self, behind the masks, the makeup, the past shadows and future anxiety. And a good light will start shinning upon you, gradually, you’ll see.

Love yourself. And search for the light inside. This way, it won’t matter what weather or times you are living, you’ll forever have your brightness with you.

🤍 She,

In the dark,

Found light

Brighter than many ever seen.


Within herself,

Found loveliness,

Through the soul’s own mastery.

And now the world receives

From her dower:

The message of the strength

Of inner power.

– Langston Hughes 📖

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