12 Rules of Life: An Antidote to Chaos, by Jordan B. Peterson #BookReview

Reading the 12 rules of life is definitely an experience: it's not just a personal growth collection of commandments, it is a complex encounter between faith, religion, science and anthropology. It's blunt, rough, radical and critical. It's not an easy read but a necessary one. It's like the "much needed evil" that shouts us upwards to self-awareness. 


Jingle Spirit: the story of a Christmas wonder

It’s Christmas Eve, freezing cold and snowing like it’s the most productive day in Anderson’s Snow Queen Tale. Mom and dad are both in the kitchen plotting around the already too opulent Christmas dinner festive menu, in order to fit another two-three extra dishes in between the dozen traditional courses already cooked and stored. If … Continuă să citești Jingle Spirit: the story of a Christmas wonder