Brand Minds 2018: uniting world changers, with the powers of creativity, science, unbeatable work, leadership and generosity

The 5th edition of the Brand Minds conference – the biggest business confetence in Central & Eastern Europe, brought together an impressive lineup of speakers, sharing thier know-how, charisma, leadership and crestivity with around 3000 participants, in Bucharest, on the 11th of May, at the Palace Hall.

Here’s just a glimpse of this year’s astonishing #brandminds #worldchangers speeches:

Be the one who who still dares to dream, in a world that has forgotten how to dream, believe, say thank you and please. Bring value. Keep both your mind and heart open. Stay engaged. Don’t be entitled. Work on your mindset as well as your heartset. Have a work ethic that is unbreakable. Love your team. Take bullets for your team. Always be honest with your team. Grow your team. Real leaders grow more leaders. When you are in their presence, they make you feel bigger. – Robin Sharma

We all have some of all these four personality styles within: The Builder (serotonin), The explorer (dopamine), The Director (Testosterone) and The Negociator (estrogen). They evolved together. They give colour to life. Understandinf them is understanting the biology of business. When we understand the brain, we have a way of reaching everyone. – Helen Fisher

Think of life as an experiment. And try to update or twist something as often as you can. Take the “normal” and iterate, tweek all the time. Brake the rules for once. Know your audience and create that dazzling USP to bring to them. Get inspired from other industries. – Shed Simove

As a leader, part of your mission is to make people around you feel good about themselves. And the mood of a leader has an invisible but important impact on the mood of people. The way leaders react and manage their emotions is crucial for teams and businesses, especially during crises. Work on self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationships-management skills, as EI is most likely to guide you towards success more than IQ, heritage, money. And love more. – Daniel Goleman

People pay for the story, for the way you make them feel. Become the one people would miss if it’s gone. Make a difference. Create change. “Date” your prospects, obsess about the smallest viable market. Treating different people differently: this is what you have to have the guts to do, and it takes care and understanding. Be the purple cow, be remarkable. In the current connection economy, value is created by coordination, trust, enrollment, exchange of ideas, art and generosity. – Seth Godin

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